Genesis House’s 40-Year Journey

Genesis House marked its 40th anniversary on June 23rd with a community event that focused on recognizing its essential role in the community.

“The most frightening part to us at the Nellie McClung heritage site is that Nellie McClung fought for women who were trying to get out of situations of domestic abuse. And here we are still fighting the same fight without enough resources to support women. And so, we say congratulations to Genesis House, everyone needs to support them. There are too many women and their children needing help… let’s all band together as women. Let’s bring the community together to help Genesis House accomplish what they need to accomplish for women across southern Manitoba,” said Barbara Biggar Co-Chair of the Nellie McClung Heritage Site.

The event was held from 2-4 PM and brought together supporters and families to enjoy cake, snacks, and games, highlighting the shelter’s ongoing mission to support those impacted by domestic violence.

“The goal for today is really just celebrating our 40 years of service in the community and hoping that people will come out and enjoy a piece of cake with us. No one wants to celebrate gender-based violence, but the fact that we’ve been able to deliver service for families in need is worth celebrating,” said Angela Braun, Executive Director of Genesis House.

Genesis House provides more than just emergency shelter. It offers a range of non-residential programs at no cost, supported by the community’s generosity. As part of the anniversary, a video series will be released weekly, detailing the shelter’s history and impact, featuring testimonials from community members, past board members, and clients.

“It’s not a secret that Manitoba has one of the highest percentages of intimate partner violence in the country. This service is crucial, and the community support is vital,” Carrie Hiebert, MLA for Morden-Winkler. “Women from all walks of life find themselves in situations beyond their control, we need to remove the stigma that goes along with needing help. In my younger past life having needed genesis house… it can happen to anyone.” Hiebert’s advocacy for the transitional housing project highlights the continuous need for Genesis House’s services.

With plans for a 25-unit transitional second-stage housing project, Genesis House aims to extend its support for women transitioning out of crisis situations.

As the community gathered to honour Genesis House’s 40 years of service, the focus remained on the critical work ahead and the collective effort required to support survivors of domestic violence.

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