Life In Shelter – FAQ

There is no cost for you or your children to stay at the shelter.  The shelter provides food, safe housing, short local telephone calls, towels, bedding, laundry facilities, showers and transportation on a limited basis. The shelter also provides free counselling for you and your children both during and after your stay.

Most of the bedrooms at the shelter have one set of bunk beds, except for one room that has two sets to accommodate a larger family. All of the bedrooms are comfortable and clean.  Depending on how full the shelter is single women may have to share their room with another single woman.

Transportation is available to residents of the shelter on a limited basis and depending on an assessment of need.  The shelter makes every effort to provide safe local transportation to clients who must attend essential appointments and cannot do so on their own for safety reasons.  For more information regarding transportation please contact a counsellor.

The shelter is not able to accommodate pets but can help you make arrangements to have your pet boarded during your stay.  Please notify us prior to your arrival at shelter if you have pets and need help making arrangements.

No.  Residents are not allowed to use or possess drugs or alcohol while on the premises.  Also if you are intoxicated upon arrival we have the right to refuse your entry into the building.

LIFE IN SHELTER – with children

Genesis House provides counselling both one-on-one and in groups to children and youth up to age 18 who have witnessed abuse.  Support for parents or guardians is also available.  Counselling is provided at no charge to children and teens.  For more information on available programs please contact Genesis House and ask to speak to the Children’s Counsellor.

life in shelter – safety concerns

Safety planning is extremely important when you are leaving an abusive relationship.  For more information on making a safety plan visit

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