Third Party Fundraising

At Genesis, we believe everyone can be a part of the solution to end domestic violence by giving back or getting involved in their own way. Whether it’s a particular skill or talent you may have, a passion you hold dear, a business you frequent, or connections you can use to help us raise funds and awareness, everyone can join Genesis in the fight to end domestic violence.


A third-party event is an event organized, hosted, sponsored, and staffed by an external, or non-affiliated, group in support of or benefitting Genesis.

Fundraiser Event ideas

Causal office dress day, BBQ, Fitness event/challenge, walk/run, and more!


Please contact Community & Resource Development, Sophie Gerbrandt to get involved or for more details.


  1. Fundraisers benefitting Genesis must be in keeping with our mission. Genesis House reserves the right to decline any fundraising proposal that is not in line with our mission.
  2. The third-party fundraiser is responsible for all vendor agreements, contracts, insurance, and necessary permits for the event. Genesis House will not assume any legal or financial liability for a third-party event. Genesis House, any of its Board Members, or staff reserve the right to cancel involvement in the event at any time. Genesis will incur no liability for any such cancellation.
  3. Third-party fundraising events must be fully executed by the third-party fundraiser(s). Genesis House staff is available to provide fundraising recommendations and information during your planning process. However, due to limited staff resources, Genesis staff cannot plan or guarantee promotion of third-party fundraising events.


  1. Third-party fundraising events must be financially self-sustaining without contribution or financial risk from Genesis House. All third-party fundraising event expenses are the responsibility of the third-party fundraiser and must be paid by the third-party fundraiser. Refunds or reimbursements will not be available after the donation made is Genesis.
  2. Third-party fundraisers must fully and truthfully state the portion of the proceeds which will be donated to Genesis House in all advertising, promotions, and in all contact with donors, sponsors, and participants.
  3. The third-party fundraiser is responsible for all vendor agreements, contracts, insurance, and necessary permits for the event. Genesis will not assume liability for a third-party event.


  1. Genesis is not a sponsor of third-party fundraising events and should be listed as a “beneficiary” on all promotional materials.
  2. Third-party event fundraisers are authorized to use the Genesis House logo available from the download link here.
  3. The third-party fundraiser is responsible for all marketing, including writing and distributing press releases, PSA’s, Facebook postings, invitations, ads, etc.


  1. Unless your organization is a registered non-profit entity, donations made to it are not tax deductible.
  2. Donations made directly to a third-party event can be used to cover the event’s expenses, but are not tax-deductible.
  3. A donation solicited on behalf of Genesis House is fully tax deductible only when it is made directly and entirely to Genesis House. Donors wishing to receive a tax acknowledgment letter should provide their donation via cheque or online.