Board Members

A heartfelt thank you to our dedicated board members. Their behind the scene tasks developing policy, creating a vision and a long term strategic plan for the organization are the foundation on which our agency rests.

  • Karen Tjaden – Chair
  • Denise Thiessen – Vice Chair
  • Sam Hilhorst – Treasurer
  • Chris Hildebrand – Secretary
  • Rachelle Fehr
  • Janessa Unrau
  • Mallory Toews
  • Kristin von Riesen
  • Julia Stoesz
  • Courtenay Winning
  • Angela Braun – Executive Director

Genesis House is seeking board members.

The board provides a solid foundation in a policy governance style from which the agency operates. Applicants must complete: Application form, Criminal Record Check (CRC), Child Abuse Registry (CAR), and Adult Abuse Registry (AAR). The nominations committee will review the application form and make a recommendation for the board regarding the applicant. If a vacancy on the board occurs during the year prior to the AGM, the board may appoint a replacement to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term of his/her predecessor. The replacement member would have full voting privileges.

Contact the Executive Director for more information

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